Table of Contents
  1. Welcome to Advertisnet Internet Setup
  2. Selecting a Dial-Up Number
  3. Finishing the Setup Process
  4. Existing Outlook Express Account
  5. Finishing the Setup Process
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Welcome to Advertisnet Internet Setup
The following screenshots will guide you through the Advertisnet Internet Setup utility. If you run into any difficulties, please contact Advertisnet Tech Support at (888) 556-0762.

  1. Once you've opened the setup utility, make sure you have a username and password, then click "OK" to continue.
Welcome to Advertisnet Internet Setup
  1. Type your "Full Name".
  2. Type your "Username".
  3. Type your "Password".
  4. When you type your "Username", the "Email Address" will automatically be filled out. If your e-mail address is different than your username, type it in the box provided.
  5. Click "Select" to choose your local dial-up number.
Advertisnet Internet Setup
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Selecting a Dial-Up Number
  1. You may either choose your "State" and "City" from the drop down menus, or enter your "Area Code" to display a list of local dial-up numbers.
  2. If a local number for your town is available on the list, select it and click "OK".
Select a Dial-Up Number
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Finishing the Setup Process
  • To continue the setup process, click "OK" on the "Advertisnet Internet Setup" window. The utility will then configure your computer.
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Existing Outlook Express Account
  • If you already have an e-mail account set up with Outlook Express, you'll receive the message below. It is recommended that you click "Yes", to keep your existing account. Your new Advertisnet account will be created as a separate Outlook Express Identity.
  • When you open Outlook Express, your new Advertisnet E-mail account will already be set up. If you had an existing account, you can check your e-mail with it by switching the identities. To do this, click File -> Switch Identity.... Select your other identity (usually called Main Identity), and click "OK".
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Finishing the Setup Process
  • Click "OK" to exit the setup utility. You can now begin browsing the web by opening Internet Explorer, and you can check your e-mail with Outlook Express.
Thank You
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